for beginners

24th to 28th AUGUST


Enjoy the Holidays and come to dance tango!

A unique week where you can immerse yourself in the world of Argentine tango, discover the magic and secrets of this elegant dance. This workshop is dedicated to people who have never danced tango and want to learn in an intensive and fast way. 
Elegance & grace, connection with each other, that's why we're doing Tango, a very meaningful and therapeutic addict


At the end of those workshops, you will get the experience and technique, equivalent of a trimester from the regular course. This intensive week will give you a total perspective what tango is and if you like, after the workshops you can join the 2 level course. 

∇ From Monday 24th to Friday 28th August 
from 19:00 to 21:30

10 couples maximum!


∆ The price of this workshop is 50€ /pers (10h of class) 

∇ This price includes: Practical courses// Videos (via your MAIL address if you want to pick them up at the end of the week)// A snack i tea & coffee n the middle of the each lesson. 


∇ Who are these workshops for?

These workshops are for anyone, from any background, wishing to dance Argentine tango, with little or no experience in dance. 


∇ Do I need to come with someone? 

No, we organize registrations according to gender parity and we encourage the mixing of dance couples. Of course couples are welcome and free to dance only with each other. 


∇ Do you need a special outfit? 

There is no special outfit, feel comfortable.


∇ What is the guided practica?

Carlos Perez a GRAND MAESTRO organizes a weekly guided practice, a mythical place in Buenos Aires where the most important tango professionals pass by and spent time learning with him, modestly I try to integrate this concept.


∇ What does the guided practica consist of?

The first 10 minutes; a little technique for men and women separated, the next 10 minutes for couples, and the remaining 40 minutes; time for dancing... the teachers will remain available for any corrections, exercises or specific training.

∇ +32 0465 73 84 


∇ Rue Volta 8, 1050 Ixelles 



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